kirsty boyle :: robotics artist

Karakuri studies in Nagoya, Japan

chahakobi nongyo 2002 – present Karakuri (Japanese mechanical doll making craft) instruction with Mr Shobei Tamaya IX, ninth generation Karakuri Master; and mentorship with Professor Yoshikazu Suematsu, founder of the Suematsu Robotics Laboratory, Nagoya University; currently Director of the Toyota National College of Technology, in Nagoya, Japan

In 2002 I was a recipient of the Run_Way Young and Emerging Artists Initiative, via the Australia Council for the Arts. The grant supported a self initiated residency in Japan to first meet Mr Shobei Tamaya IX, and research at the Suematsu Robotics Laboratory, Nagoya University. Professor Suematsu is recognised as the world’s foremost expert on the Karakuri tradition and is a pioneer of robotic vision systems based on biomechanical principles.

Since 2002 I have returned numerous times to Nagoya to continue studying the Karakuri craft and robots. My focus is on gaining the technical skills and expertise to produce my own Karakuri, researching the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the tradition, and applying this knowledge to contemporary robotics technology.