kirsty boyle :: robotics artist


2011 DIY Urbanism: Sydney Reconsidered, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney
2010 X, a collaboration with Natalie Jeremijenko and Remnant/Emergency ArtLab, UTS Gallery, Sydney

FUDE 4 bats was subsequently iterated into a plan to redevelop the proposed Barangaroo site in Sydney into a cross species habitat that could be used as a new roost site for the Flying Fox community.

The Barangaroo project concept was fully encapsulated via the production of a website, titled ‘Botanic Garden Xtension’ – , which I produced based on the code and design of the redevelopment proposal supported by the Barangaroo Development Authority. I also produced a series of ‘Media Releases’ in an attempt to creatively document the process of the Artlab in Sydney. They can be viewed online via http://xtension.cc/newsletters.cfm.htm

Another outcome of this process resulted in the production of a short form documentary, led and directed by filmmaker James Muller.