kirsty boyle :: robotics artist

iteration 5

Lambda Digital Photographic Prints
125 x 80cm (edition of 5)

An examination of my own image through the eyes of a machine, using robotic vision systems developed at the AI Lab, University of Zurich. Sensor data was captured and processed via Horn and Schunk optical flow algorithms.

The work was prompted by the ongoing discourse surrounding ‘robot consciousness’. Can you put it in a machine? And if you did, how could you ever know for sure?

My interests lie in our own perceptions of machines and how they make us feel, as this is something that I can personally experience and acquaint on an intimate level. But this started me thinking – what would a machine think of me? And how would it see me, and feel about me?

2008 Fuse, The Jam Factory, Adelaide

Fuse exhibition catalogue essay by curator Sean O’Connell

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