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interactive for website girltron.com
site specific prints
limited edition colouring in book (sold out)

For girltron 2.0 I produced an online interactive enabling people to digitally customise and create their own robot doll characters, which can then be printed out and hand coloured in. It was an experiment in using modern digital tools whilst observing traditional methods of interaction.

Prints of characters from girltron 2.0 were mounted on the wall and coloured in by visitors to the exhibition, enabling site specific work at each gallery location. See some examples here.

2009 Artist in Residence, MedienKunstLabor at Kunsthaus Graz
2005 – 2006 Otakulture, Rocket Art Gallery, in conjunction with the 2005 Electrofringe Festival, Newcastle; The Whitehouse, Brisbane; Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree
2006 Traditions and Departures: highlighting Japanese influences in Australian craft and design, Australia Japan Year of Exchange Exhibition, Craft ACT, Canberra and Cowra Art Gallery
2006 Robot Culture, Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne
2005 Art and Heart, Curious Eidolon, Melbourne

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girltron 2.06.06 girltron 2.06.83 girltron 2.06.84
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girltron 2.83.06 girltron 2.83.83 girltron 2.83.84
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girltron 2.84.06 girltron 2.84.83 girltron 2.84.84
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girltron 2.88.06 girltron 2.88.83 girltron 2.88.84
girltron 2.0 gallery girltron 2.0 gallery

Lambda Digital Photographic Prints
125 x 80cm (edition of 5)

Broadly speaking, the girltron series examines robots as subjects of culture, and perceptions people have of machines; with particular emphasis on how we personalise technology, and how these interactions make us feel.

girltron 1.0 is photographic documentation of 3d mixed media sculptures, or conceptual characters I created which incorporate styles of robots and dolls that inspired me during my childhood.

2005 Toytakeova, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne; China Heights, Sydney; The Whitehouse, Brisbane
2004 Mechalust, in conjunction with the Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival, TC Beirne Centre, Brisbane.

Mechalust exhibition catalogue essay by B.L. Magner

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