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robot workshop @ Kunsthaus Graz

Today Niki and I hosted a great robot building workshop for children at the Kunsthaus Graz for their annual ‘Wirbel in der Bubble’ event.

kunsthaus graz

I always love my time working at the Kunsthaus..

During the workshop we had 23 children, and made 7 robots – some bunnies, a tiger and a giraffe.





workshop workshop

“Pink Bunny Robot Race”
Cheeky pink rabbit robot, where to look. You will be shown technical know-how to build the pink rabbit robot. How fast they are traveling, experiencing it in an exciting Pink Bunny Robot Race, where only the best, fastest and smartest rabbit can win!

3 hours robots and rabbits with Niki Passath and Kirsty Boyle


New Media Art Award 2012
03.08 - 04.11 2012
Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia

artist in residence
01.10 - 31.12 2012
Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland
supported by the City of Zurich