kirsty boyle :: robotics artist

Roboterträume / Robot dreams Symposium, Kunsthaus Graz

“Theatralische Aspekte von Robotern – Karakuri – eine japanische Tradition”/ “theatrical aspects of robots – karakuri – robots inspired by a Japanese tradition”
lecture and “Cultural aspects and differences in the interaction of man and machine?” panelist at Roboterträume / Robot dreams Symposium held in conjunction with RoboCup 2009, held at the Kunsthaus Graz


The Kunsthaus Graz and the Jean Tinguely Museum in Basel are presenting a symposium on the subject of robotics in the context of art. It will explore the cultural history of the phenomenon, robots in everyday use and the importance of artificial intelligence for the development and self-image of society. Robot Dreams is a platform for diverse scientists, artists and cultural historians to pursue the social, cultural historical and artistic implications of the subject. The symposium is closely connected with the joint exhibition programme our two museums are planning for summer 2010 to spring 2011, which likewise focuses on the phenomenon of robots.

Speakers included Oswald Wiener, Niki Passath, Peter Pakesch, Francois Roche, Max Lungarella, Manuela Veloso, Andreas Broeckmann, Jon Kessler, Roland Wetzel, Thomas Baumann, Sibylle Hauert and Daniel Reichmuth.


New Media Art Award 2012
03.08 - 04.11 2012
Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia

artist in residence
01.10 - 31.12 2012
Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland
supported by the City of Zurich